Fabrice Frankiel

Fabrice Frankiel, born in Paris in 1973, was gifted with observational skills and exceptional ability in drawing, especially croquis. Hence, in his younger years he got interested in design and joined the prestigious Design & Arts academy “ecole Boulle” in Paris.

He was totally absorbed with his works related to industrial design during his schooldays. For graduation he created innovative designs for perfume bottles and furniture and draw the attention of recruiters from major brands, who were fascinated by Fabrice’s creations.

While working for the OPEX design project, whereas Minimallism and Uniqueness were the themes, his creations were put into spotlight, which was also the reason for him to take a step into the watch industry.

So, Fabrice Frankiel joined the OPEX and OXYGEN brand design team for a few years, where he gained valuable experinces. During this time, he got himself the nickname “Mr Europe” across the European and Asian design community. A symbolic name, that represented his design style of Minimalism.

Fabrice Frankiel’s latest project is strongly motivated by the idea of linking Europe and Asia. “Frankiel & You” stands for an universal link between You and Me and All of us. This project lead to the opening of his own “Frankiel & You” boutique in Paris. So far he has gathered numerous fans of his works from Paris, Milan, Berlin, Barcelona, along the Middle East and all the way to Asia, including Hong Kong, Japan and Korea.

Today, ZASPERO Swiss is proud to announce Frankiel Fabrice as Chief designer.